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Black Champ's Adrik

Call Name: Adrik 

DOB: 7/24/05 

Height: 22 inches

Weight: 85 lbs

Color: Black & White

Registered with: NKC & CKC

Info:  Adrik has a stable temp & good prey drive. Always on the go & loves *almost* everyone. We hope to get him tested on hogs very soon.



Pedigree & Additional Pictures

BMK's Ivan The Terrible of BKWDS

Call Name: Ivan

DOB: 3/3/04

Height: 24.5 inches

Weight: 110 lbs

Color: White w/ red & black mask

Registered with: NKC & CKC

Info: Ivan is our 1st AB. He is a solid boy w/good drives. He has caught several wild boar (in KY & TX) and did a bang up job every time.


Pedigree & Additional Pictures

BMK's A Boy Named Sioux

Call Name: Ellsworth 

DOB: 12/14/07 

Height:  22 inches

Weight:  80 lbs

Color: Buckskin & White

Registered with: NKC

Info:  Ellsworth was our "keeper" from the AdrikXLayla litter. Due to having too many dominate males on our yard, he went to stay w/friends of ours. He ended up being too drivey for their family, so he is currently back on our yard. He has so MUCH potential! He is green, has just done basic tug/rag work & basic OB. Very food driven. And an extra nice pedigree to boot!



Pedigree & Additional Pictures

BMK's American Gangster

Call Name: Capone

DOB: 8/31/2008


Weight: 80 lbs

Color: Brindle & White

Registered with: NKC

Info: We co-own Capone with Alexa in IL. He is currently living the good life as a pet, but he should be hitting the scene soon. =)


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