Black Mountain Kennels

About BMK American Bulldogs...

We are a small kennel, located in Louisville, KY. We have been involved in bully breeds for most of our lives. We purchased our first American Bulldog in 2004 after 2 years of research. Since that time, our lives have been consumed with educating ourselves on the breed & being actively involved in the bulldog community.

Our belief is that the essence of a bulldog is to be naturally confident while functioning as both a working dog and a family companion. They should be emotionally and structurally sound.

There are many “types” of American bulldogs; Performance/Standard/Scott, Johnson/Bully/Classic, & Hybrid. Many kennels choose to specialize in one of these types. We choose to not discriminate on type when it comes to selecting dogs to include in our program. We choose solely on our beliefs. We are currently focusing on the Performance type.

Our goal is simple, produce a dog that meets our requirements. We take great pains in testing our dogs to ensure they live up to our opinion of what the breed should be.

Our dogs live indoors with our family. They each get daily exercise & outdoor time. Our dogs aren't "chain dogs", but we do use chains occasionally for tie-out.

We are not "breeders". We are enthusiasts of the breed. We live for our dogs and they live for us, which is the way we believe it should be.

- Brandon & Ashlee -


About Black Champ American Bulldogs...

The concept of Black Champ was developed over a decade ago. 

Mr. Ray Weaver and Mr. John Lichthardt (aka JEL) made the joint decision to breed Weaver’s APBT, “Boudreaux’s Zydeco Dancer”, to JEL's American Bulldog, "Lichthardt’s Felony”.

Weaver, who had American Bulldogs and APBT's at the time, talked about the Boudreaux (Eli Family) APBT's and their main strengths, which were extremely hard mouths and heat tolerance. Weaver’s female, “Zydeco”, was all of that and a known producer of some devastatingly rough dogs (when bred to Boudreaux males).  Lichthardt's male “Felony” was an extra rough & gritty, 105 lb AB and a third generation product of the JEL program.  He was the dog that the “Natural Dog” philosophy came from.

From this breeding came "The Jedi", the cornerstone of the Black Champ Program.

There are many "theories" as to why JEL's black line was started, but the reason Black Champ's continued was the heart & grit these dogs display. They have been tested in many venues & have always lived up to our expectations. 

Black Champ AB's are Performance Type & registered with the NKC.

- Steve, Brandon & Ashlee -

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